The band was formed in 1999 by Dales Whyte as a living Memorial to the over 300,000 men that were called up for national service between 1951 and 1972, and fought, and unfortunately sometimes died in the service of Australia, especially in Vietnam.

Dales was a very well known figure within the pipe band fraternity in Queensland, as the founding Drum Major of the Queensland Police Pipes and Drums, and lead many Parades and events, both with the Police and also with massed Pipe Bands such as the RNA or “Ekka” as it is affectionately called in Brisbane.

Upon retirement from the Police Force, Dales realised that there was a need for a “military” style band that could take part in Anzac Day parades, and other Remembrance events. He approached the Queensland Branch of the National Servicemen’s Association with his idea, and received quite a lot of support from the then Management Committee. The original idea was to have both brass and pipe bands that could play either alone or combined, and to follow the “military” style of uniform and ideals.

Because of Dales standing within the band community, he very quickly found support from a number of Ex-Service organizations, one of which was the 61st Battalion, Queensland Cameron Highlanders Association. Through his connections with the Army, Dales found that there was to be a sale of Cameron of Erracht Kilts, the uniform of the old 61st Battalion. With help from the National Servicemen’s Association Queensland Branch, a large number of these kilts were purchased, and placed on permanent loan to the new band.

By kind permission of the 61st Battalion Association, the band incorporated the 61st Battalion badge. The 61st Battalion, Queensland Cameron Highlanders was raised in Brisbane, and fought with distinction in WW2, and was part of the first Australian Army group to defeat the Japanese in the Battle of Milne Bay.

With the changes in Federal Government over the last 17 years, the band has had a number of changes to its practice venue. The band was originally sponsored by 25/49 Battalion in Gallipoli Army Barracks, Enoggera in Brisbane, but changes in Government policy saw the band being forced to leave for a short time, but very quickly, the various Army groups within 7th Brigade at Enoggera saw the need for a resident Pipe band, and once again the band was able to move back into the Barracks.

The band is currently sponsored by 9RQR , and practice in the Monash Centre, which also now houses our Q-Store. Practice is held on Wednesday nights from 6.00 PM.

As a security pass is needed to gain access to the band, anyone wishing to attend should contact one of the Committee Members, who will arrange to meet you at the Pass Office situated just outside the Base.